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One of the April holidays that is very relevant to our industry is Arbor Day! This year it is being celebrated on Friday April 29th. It was founded in Nebraska in 1872 by Mr. Moreton, a tree enthusiast who moved to a prairie state and saw the need to entice people to plant trees on their properties.

Moreton offered prizes to those who participated and it led to more than one million trees being planted that first year. It has now spread to all 50 states and 44 countries. The best way to celebrate the day is to plant a tree!

Trees are very beneficial to our planet:

  • They reduce air pollution, as a matter of fact one tree can supply enough oxygen for four people.
  • Trees filter water and also help save energy; when positioned around our homes correctly, they can save 25% in electricity use
  • Trees are vital to wildlife habitat.
  • Animals use trees for food and shelter- from the smallest beetle to majestic owls and bobcats, trees are essential for their survival.
  • And lastly their natural aesthetic beauty adds to property values and contributes to our beautiful neighborhoods.

Adding the right tree to your landscape will provide decades of beauty and enjoyment.  Visit with one of our green thumb nursery staff members and they can help you choose what is best for your outdoor space.

Written by Loren Roberts, Front End Manager

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