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We provide FREE soil testing at our garden center! Testing your soil for the proper pH levels will help you grow healthier lawns and gardens all year round.

Here is how to prepare a soil sample for our Green Thumb Staff:

  • Determine the number of areas that you wish to sample. For example, if you have a hillside and a low, wet lawn area, take separate samples from each. If you wish to test a vegetable garden and a perennial bed, take separate samples from each.  Once you determine the number of areas from which to take soil samples, prepare the same number of clean containers (plastic container, glass jar, or plastic bag). The ideal sample size is approximately 1 quart.
  • Use clean sampling tools that are not galvanized, bronze, or brass, and wear clean gloves. Oils from hands or a small amount of fertilizer on tools or your gloves can seriously affect test results.
  • Take samples at the correct depth for different landscapes:

Note: Avoid taking samples from unusual areas such as compost or manure piles, or yellowed lawn areas because they do not entirely represent the soil in your yard.

Want More Information?

If you’d like to have a comprehensive assessment of soil health which will go beyond testing pH levels, you can send the samples to Cornell University. This test is not free, but worth doing if you want to know more details about your soils health. 

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