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We’ll do the dirty work for you!  Our custom potting service gives you the ability to choose the plants you want while we expertly place them in your containers or you can choose from our wide selection of unique pots and pottery. Seasonal planting and rejuvenation of your containers are available for all seasons. Just give us a call and we design whatever you’re dreaming of. 

Custom container fees may include:

  • Costs of plants 
  • Cost of container (if purchased in store)
  • Cost of soil, fertilizer and labor

Courtesy Container Potting

Same day plant and pot purchases qualify for free reporting! Select the plants and choose the container and we’ll pot it for you free of charge when you buy both the plants and container.

What to do next year?

Bring us last year’s container and we’ll repot new plants that you select for a small labor fee.

Want something custom done? Just give us a call and we can plant or design whatever you’re dreaming of. 

Resource Center

Disease & Pest ID

Our experienced Green Thumb staff have got you covered to provide disease and pest identification and solutions

Disease & Pest ID
Soil pH Testing

We provide FREE soil testing at our garden center. Testing your soil for the proper pH levels will help you grow healthier lawns and gardens all year round.

Soil pH Testing
Delivery & Planting

We’ll bring it to you! Take advantage of our delivery and planting services.

Delivery & Planting
Van Putte Gardens Blog

Let’s talk gardening! Our seasoned green thumb staff love to share gardening tips, tricks and industry trends.

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