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Since 1948, giving back to the community has been a top priority of the Van Putte Family. It brings us joy to give back to the people and organizations that have supported us for so many years. While we consider every request, we primarily focus on areas of interest that connect our small business to horticultural programs and agricultural education that have a positive impact on our environment.

To be considered for a donation, please print, complete and return the donation request form at least 1 month prior to the date needed. You may drop off the form in person, mail it, or email it to Requests must be in writing.  Verbal requests will not be considered.  Please indicate whether you are requesting a gift card, plants, or materials. If plants or materials, specify the type and quantity. Cash donations will not be given. Enclose any additional supporting materials that may be available such as event flyers or promotional information. 

Each year, we are asked to support hundreds of worthwhile community organizations and charitable causes and we make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to reply or participate in every program for which we are contacted; nor are we able to respond to every request received. Thank you.