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  • Tools & Supplies

    Having the right tool for the job can turn a chore into a delight!  We have what you need with a selection of gardening tools, gloves, pruners, rakes, colorful watering cans, watering wands, garden twine, support brackets, plant markers and much more! Whether you’re starting a small lawn project or overhauling your entire garden, we have the landscaping tools you need to achieve the look you want.

  • Statuary & Fountains

    A well-placed statue or fountain can serve as a focal point or accent element in your garden or landscape and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.  At Van Putte Gardens, you’ll find a variety of statuary, bird baths, outdoor fountains, and other garden ornaments. Choose from an array of styles, sizes and colors to showcase your personal style.

    Please visit our garden center to see our full inventory. Special order requests can be taken depending on the time of year. Our top suppliers include Alpine and Massarelli.

  • Garden Décor

    Our gift shop is integrated within our greenhouse to inspire your gardening creativity. We are constantly updating our garden décor selection to keep up with the latest trends, and always have classic items in stock. Unique ideas for birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, relocation and hostess occasions run from the very modest to truly extravagant.

    So take time to explore and relax in our greenhouse setting where you’re sure to discover something new and fresh!

  • Seeds & Bulbs

    Discover our wonderful selection of high-quality seeds and bulbs and create beautiful and functional flower beds. Grow tasty produce with our fruit & vegetable seeds, and harvest your own delicious seasonings with our wide selection of herbs.

    Browse a variety of flower bulbs for early spring blooms in your garden. Planting the right bulbs at the right time can transform your garden.