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  • Garden Center Product Returns

    We are confident that the quality of our merchandise will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, simply bring back the item within 30 days of purchase. All returns must be accompanied by a cash register receipt for an exchange or refund.

    Please note:

    • Cash purchases will be refunded with cash.
    • Check purchases will be refunded with cash after a 10-day clearing period.
    • Charge purchases will be refunded with cash or credited to the charge account


    Returns with receipts over 30 days or returns without a receipt will receive store credit (at the lowest selling price of item). Store credits expire 1 year from date issued. Merchandise or plants that are in unsellable condition will not be accepted for refund, credit or exchange.

  • Plant Warranty/Guarantee

    All nursery stock is guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase. Replacements will be made with credit for nursery stock equal to 100% of the original purchase price. No cash refunds will be given. You must present your green colored nursery contract along with the tree or shrub for replacement. Please retain your nursery contract and register receipt as this is the only record of your purchase. This guarantee does not include annual or perennial flowers, roses, ground covers, azaleas, rhododendrons, ornamental grasses, bare root stock, fruit trees or sale items, including those that end in .88. We cannot guarantee nursery stock planted in pots or planter boxes. Guarantee is not transferrable.

    Replacement made one time only at the original purchase price. Guarantee valid if bill is paid in full and does not cover acts of God, vandalism, mechanical damage, animals, insects, disease or lack of care.

    The Tree and Shrub Guarantee will be honored with the following:

    • Nursery contract guarantee paperwork and register receipt
    • The plant in question (if you are unsure of plant status, please call us prior to digging it up).
  • Forms of Payment Accepted

    We accept cash, check, Van Putte gift cards, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).

  • Lost/Stolen Gift Cards

    We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Lost or stolen gift cards are non-replaceable.

  • How much bulk mulch, stone, soil and compost can I fit in my pick-up truck?

    Use our Bulk Materials Calculator to help you determine how much you need.

    Trucks with a 6 ft. bed can hold approximately (based on weight):

    • 1 ½ yards of mulch
    • 1 yard topsoil or compost
    • ½ yard of stone


    Trucks with an 8 ft. bed can hold approximately (based on weight):

    • 2 yards of mulch
    • 1 ½ yards topsoil or compost
    • 1 yard of stone
  • Bulk Deliveries – Mulch, Stone, Soil and Compost

    We offer delivery on a wide variety of bulk materials to meet your landscaping needs, such as mulch, stone, soil and compost. Delivery prices vary by distance. View our delivery price map to determine your cost. Deliveries can be scheduled in person, over the phone or online. To view bulk material ordering questions and answers click here.

    ***Please read before finalizing your order***

    If you are placing an order and there are special requirements, situations or for same day delivery, please contact us first.

    Please make sure your delivery email, phone, name, address, city, state and zip code are filled out correctly and completely during the checkout process.

    We can only deliver to your driveway, and are unable to drive over grass, or freshly paved areas due to the weight of trucks and materials.

    Once your bulk materials are delivered to your location, it cannot be moved or exchanged. Please choose your product and driveway location carefully.  We have samples of our bulk materials on display at our garden center for your convenience and accurate ordering. Stone may be delivered dusty, in this case, all you need to do is rinse with water.



    I Understand

    Click here to read our Bulk Materials Order Guidelines

  • Plant and Store Product Delivery Services

    We offer delivery of trees, shrubs, plants and certain bagged items. Please call (585) 225-7770 for delivery rates and guidelines.

  • Senior Citizen Discount

    We offer a 10% discount every Wednesday for senior citizen shoppers age 60+ older. To take advantage of this special discount, it is the customer‘s responsibility to mention or present a valid ID and ensure the discount is applied. Discount will be taken off total transaction, excluding sales tax. Not valid with any other sales, offers, coupons, on prior purchases or special orders. Cannot be used on gift cards, landscape installation services or delivery. Claims regarding Senior Citizen Discounts must be made before leaving the store.

  • Military Discount

    We are proud to offer a 10% EVERYDAY discount to U.S. Military members. If you are a U.S. Active Duty, Reserve, Retired Veteran or VA Recipient, show your valid Military ID to receive 10% off regular-priced items. Discount will be taken off total transaction, excluding sales tax. Not valid with any other sales, offers, coupons, prior purchases or special orders. Cannot be used on gift cards, landscape installation services or delivery. Claims regarding Military Discounts must be made before leaving the store.

  • Special Offers/Coupons

    We run different sales throughout the year. They can be found in the D&C newspaper, Clipper Magazine, Valpak and on our website under Specials. You can also join our loyalty e-mail list where you will get exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox!

  • Contractor Program

    We offer a discount to qualified professional landscapers and contractors who apply with us.

  • Plant Disease Diagnosis and Solutions

    We are available to help diagnose your lawn, vegetable, flower, tree, and shrub issues whenever we are open, and can offer easy organic and non-organic solutions for almost any plant problems. Here are 5 Easy Steps to Collect a Sample for Identification.

  • Free pH Soil Testing

    We provide FREE soil pH testing at our garden center. Testing your soil for the proper pH levels will help you grow healthier lawns and gardens all year round. Here is how to prepare a soil sample for our Green Thumb Staff.

  • Open Year Round, 7-days-a-week

    We are open year round. During the winter season our days and hours of operation do change so please check the website or call us at (585) 225-7770 for current hours of operation.