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Gardening; Better For You Than You Thought!


Those of us that have been gardening for multiple decades will tell you that gardening is good for you. Doubting Thomas will say that’s because we enjoy it and it makes us happy. I’m here to tell you that there’s more to it than that, much more!

There are numerous studies that show that being outside gardening and doing yard work improves your physical stamina and well being, making you healthier than someone who is sedentary. Not only does it lower blood pressure, but your burn a lot of calories too. Gardening can provide the same level of cardio-vascular exercise that moderate weight lifting affords, in the same amount of time. It’s a lot more fun too!

Another benefit: being outdoors gardening (as opposed to sitting inside watching TV) exposes your skin to sunlight. This causes your body to produce vitamin D naturally, which assists your body’s calcium absorption. This helps build stronger, healthier bones, and strengthens your immune system.

Getting thoughtfully, deeply, involved in your yard work also reduces stress levels; it’s almost a Zen like experience. By taking your mind off your daily problems and focusing on the natural things right in front of you will actually relax you.

Lastly, planting, observing and then caring for plants enhances that part of us that allows us to love and cherish our children, families, pets and friends. The anticipation of the future involved with gardening (planting a seed and watching it grow) helps one gain a greater appreciation for life itself! It is exercise for our empathy, it’s very optimistic by nature, and it does make us Happy!

Success with your Gardening, Naturally!

Written By Rick Stecher – Garden Center Manager

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