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Everybody loves an attractive lawn and spring affords opportunities to develop a really terrific one.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness:

Clearing debris from lawn areas is important to assure a healthy growing season. Remove leaves, branches, dead thatch and any other foreign matter that will impede turf growth or contribute to disease.  Any areas that have mole tunnels may be tamped or rolled just enough to smooth out the turf.

Do not roll lawn areas that do not require it; soil compaction is the enemy of healthy turf growth.

 For Repairing Lawns with bare areas:

A gentle raking followed by a generous re-seeding can make a huge difference in the quality of your lawn. Nature abhors a vacuum. By introducing new grass seed, such as Van Putte’s own Countryside Mixture, you’ll fill in those bare areas discouraging weeds or crabgrass from establishing a foothold.

Fertilize with a Seed Starter formula to help the young grass seedlings establish themselves. Apply a thin layer of compost or straw to protect the seed from predation and help maintain moisture levels. Spring soils tend to be moist enough however an initial watering to “set the seed” is a good idea if Mother Nature doesn’t provide precipitation.

 For Mature Lawns:

After your yard cleanup apply Turf Line Crabgrass Preventer with fertilizer. This pre-emergent stops germination of crabgrass and other annual weeds while providing your turf with an excellent fertilizer that contains organic nitrogen. This form of nitrogen works with the natural microorganisms within the soil to release nutrients to the turf. If crabgrass is not a concern, use Van Putte 15 Plus lawn fertilizer. It is a proprietary formula that has been proven to establish a vigorous, healthy lawn. Remember not to apply the crabgrass preventer to any areas you have sown new grass seed.

Weedy Lawns:

Occasionally homeowners report large numbers of perennial broad-leaf weeds that have over-wintered from last autumn. It pays to apply a liquid application of a broad spectrum, select, weed killer to those problem areas to eliminate them early enough to be able to re-seed those areas this spring. We carry a special herbicide designed for cool weather application. It may be sprayed as soon as these weeds rear their ugly heads. Re-seeding may be done after they have died as described above.

An early start will pay off with rewards that last all season long! Stop by and one of our Green Thumb staff members will show you the correct products for your lawn. You’ll soon have a lawn that your neighbors will envy!

Written by Rick Stecher, Garden Center Manager.

Success with your gardening Naturally!


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