Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Replacement Lure

Item Number: 15960


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REPLACEMENT LURE FOR TRAP – These lures are designed to be used with the Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap kits. These traps will securely catch Japanese Beetles.
DUAL RELEASE LURE – Our Beetle Bagger lures contain a food-floral attractant & a sex lure attractant in a sealed tray with a removable top. This is what ensures our traps are irresistible to the insect.
COMPLETE COVERAGE – Beetle Bagger traps can be used all season long & they protect over 5,000 square feet.
EASY TO REPLACE – Simply peel foil covering off of the dual lure package but don’t remove the contents. Position the dual lure plastic package so that the open side faces inward toward the trap.
CONTAINS ONE LURE – This product is 1 dual release floral & pheromone lure.