Brewer’s Compost

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Nutrient-rich bulk brewer’s compost is made from the by-products of rice, barley, corn and other brewery products mixed with selected saw dust in a controlled environment to produce organically rich compost. Mix with our screened topsoil for an ideal growing mix for vegetable gardens, tree, shrub & flower plantings and raised beds. Better yet, try our ready-to-use Topsoil/Garden Compost blend.

1500 lbs. per yard. 27 – 40lb bags is equivalent to 1/2 cubic yard of soil, or 54 – 40lb bags is equivalent to 1 cubic yard of soil.
1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. when spread at a 3″ depth, or 200 sq. ft. when spread at a 1.5″ depth.

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