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Annual plants bloom from the beginning of spring to the first frost, and their bright pops of color are essential for all sorts of gardens. In the spring, our greenhouses are bursting with a rainbow of vivid flowers in colors ranging from purple, red, blue, white, yellow, pink, orange, lime green, and everything in between! These plants’ fantastically bright and cheerful presence makes them an obvious choice for garden beds, borders, container gardens, and hanging baskets.

Our garden center carries hundreds of annual varieties throughout the year, some that flourish in full or partial sun, and others that like the cool comforts of the shady spots in your garden. Although most are planted in spring and summer, we carry pansies, annual rudbeckia, zinnias and other annuals later on in the season which are great options for fall garden plantings.


Tropicals do well in our area outside once nighttime temperatures maintain 55 degrees or higher, but be sure to bring them back indoors in September before it gets too cool.

Our plants change throughout the seasons just like yours, so please call ahead for our current stock if you are looking for something in particular. Or better yet, stop by and let yourself get inspired! Our Green Thumbs are always ready to help you explore traditional favorites and trendy new plant options for your home garden.