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Trees and shrubs bring basically everything to the table — height, shade, protection, privacy, foliage, blooms, fragrance, fruit, bird attraction… the list goes on! Evergreens keep color in the garden year-round, and even without leaves, deciduous tree & shrub branches are stunning against a winter sky.

With the thousands of trees, shrubs, and bushes available these days, the decision on what to plant is often more difficult than actually growing them! Our Green Thumbs are happy to discuss backyard ideas if you’re not quite sure where to start with landscaping design. They will gladly load your nursery plants in your vehicle to take home right away, or you can set a date for delivery and installation. Our 8-acre garden nursery houses well over 400 different varieties of trees and shrubs in many sizes, ranging from well-established spruces and arborvitae to dwarf flowering red bud trees, hydrangeas, roses, and lilacs.

We receive new nursery stock throughout the year, so please give us a call if you’re looking for a certain tree, shrub or bush. Or feel free to drop by and take a walk through the nursery blocks and discover something new! Our Green Thumb nursery experts are available every day to answer questions and offer landscaping ideas; we make finding the perfect trees and shrubs for your outdoor space a cinch!