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A golf course-worthy lawn at home

Sod is a quick and easy-to-maintain landscaping solution for:

  • Newly constructed homes
  • Dead or weedy patches in established lawns
  • Worn-out dog run areas
  • Eroding/washed-out embankments
  • And more!

Sod prevents dust, washouts and muddy messes, is not attractive to birds and animals like seed, and is an instant solution; it can be walked on the very next day!

Our Kentucky Bluegrass sod arrives fresh every Friday during the growing season. Sod is grown on both mineral and organic soils for 18-24 months so it's mature, strong and durable at harvest time. Bluegrass turf does best in full sun, and we will be happy to provide advice and information to take home to insure your new lawn's success!


One Roll


10 sq. ft. (2 ft. across
by 5 ft. long)

One Pallet


(64 rolls, 640 sq. ft. total,
at $6.49/roll)

Two or more Pallets


(64 rolls per pallet
at $6.00/roll)

Please Note:

When buying in pallet quantities, there is a $20 per pallet deposit, which is refundable upon return with receipt.  All prices are pre-tax.

To guarantee a quantity of sod or to order in pallet quantities, please call to pre-order and pre-pay by Wednesday for a Friday pick up.

Stay Tuned!

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