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Tackle Early Spring Chores


As the first days of warmth elevate our spirits and we anxiously look forward to spring weather, there are a couple of important things to put on your “to-do-list” in preparation for the growing season. Wait until soils have had a chance to dry a bit, avoid walking on the lawn and garden beds when soils are very wet so you’ll avoid compressing the soil where you step, and not leave foot prints. It will help prevent future damage to those areas from weeds that thrive in compressed soils.

Remove fallen branches, sticks and twigs from your lawn and garden bed areas. Rake out residual leaves from your garden beds and off your lawn areas to prevent suffocation of roots and crowns. Prune off dead twigs and diseased branches from your shrubs and trees. These practices will not only greatly improve your yards appearance; they’ll eliminate potential diseases and insects that over-wintered on the dead debris.

Spray shrubs and trees with Bonide All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil before the swelling flower and leaf buds open. Composed of a paraffinic oil with emulsifier and spreader sticker, this treatment effectively smothers and suffocates insect eggs and destroys many disease spores that may have overwintered on your fruit trees, ornamental shrubs and trees, roses and other woody plants. It is considered safe and may be used by organic practitioners.

Stop by Van Putte Gardens where you’ll find everything you’ll need for your early spring cleanup. We have an excellent selection of rakes & shovels, pruners & loppers, gloves & knee pads, cleanup totes and tarps.

Success with your Gardening, Naturally!

Written By Rick Stecher – Garden Center Manager


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