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With all that’s happening these days, Van Putte Gardens believes “hope springs eternal.”

Spring is here and we have a wonderful opportunity to be outside, get a little dirty, and do some serious gardening. While everyone is justifiably concerned about Covid-19 and social distancing, planting a Victory Garden can be just the right thing to help us get through these uncertain times. Spending time outdoors will help reduce stress, provide fresh air and plenty of sunlight. Gardening will lift spirits while you’re having fun growing your own food. It’s a great activity to share; Parents and kids working together for a common goal and preparing for tomorrow.

Victory Gardens were first planted during WW1 and then during WW2. They were intended to provide households with fresh fruits and vegetables from home gardens to supplement their grocery list due to food shortages.  Almost every family had some sort of a Victory Garden during these difficult times.

Planting a Victory Garden is easy, all you need is a sunny location. A 3 X 10-foot garden can produce plenty of crops. If space is an issue, think about planting in containers or above ground planters.

These can be situated to take advantage of available sunlight where you might not be able to plant directly in the earth. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice a sunny lawn area; vegetable gardens can be quite attractive as well as productive. Consider planting edible berries as foundation plants such as Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries.  These are also available in an alternate Bushel and Berry series which is perfect for patio containers.  Strawberries are another great option as they can be used as an attractive ground cover.

If you want to try growing plants from seed, you can start indoor seeding now!  Otherwise mid to late May would be the ideal time to begin prepping outdoors. Van Putte Gardens has everything you’ll need from garden soil and soil amendments to above ground planters and containers.

We grow all our own vegetable plants which means you’ll get homegrown healthy and well cared for starter plants.  So, give it a try!  There is very little cost in starting your own Victory Garden, and the new healthy habits you create will benefit the whole family.

Gives us a call and one of our Green Thumb Specialist will help!  We currently offer both curbside pickup and delivery options.

Success with your Victory Garden, Naturally!

Written by Rick Stecher

Garden Center Manager

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