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DIY Bird Feeder


When the winter blahs hit and your kids are bouncing off the walls, use this fun craft as a great opportunity to chill out and focus on nature!  Birds fascinate young and old alike, and this DIY bird feeder will bring your garden’s feathered friends up close and personal.  After your kids create the feeder, they will love watching the birds enjoying their treat and can spend time identifying and drawing the different species just outside their window.  We’d love to see your family’s version, so feel free to post up pictures of your DIY feeder and the birds that visit it in the comments below!


Click HERE for directions for this fun, easy and educational kids craft!

  1. Arlene Covella
    Arlene Covella01-27-2014

    Thought this might be a fun project for you and your Boogey some day.

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