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It can be intimidating to tackle your lawn after a long, cold winter, but you can make your neighbors envious this year by letting us show you how easy it is to grow a healthy, green lawn!

Visit us for an interactive talk at the perfect time to jumpstart your lawn for the spring season.  Mike Wallace, our Rochester Turfline Lawn Care expert, will guide you through the ins and outs of lawn maintenance, explain the advantages of a 4-step program, and introduce you to the correct products for your specific lawn.

Turfline products are locally manufactured (specifically for our soils) in Monroe County, and getting started in April is the easiest way to a green, healthy and grub-free lawn in 2015.  Mike is great at diagnosing problems, so if you have any specific issues or have questions on the best maintenance program for your lawn, this is a great opportunity for free, quick, and knowledgeable answers!

No charge, but reservations required. Please call (585) 225-7770 to RSVP.


Where: Van Putte Gardens, 136 North Ave., Rochester, NY 14626

When: Saturday, April 16th at 10 a.m.

Cost: FREE 🙂

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