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Fun Fall Day with the Kids Grow Club!


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We had a fantastic Saturday with our Van Putte Gardens Kids Grow Club this past weekend! The mini-Green Thumbs didn’t let a little rain stop them as they filled our market greenhouse with smiles, laughter and plenty of “beginner naturalist” knowledge.  They started out the meeting by using their sense of touch to discover what plants (or parts of plants) were hidden inside different pots.  They did an awesome job figuring out what the items, like tree bark, grass seed, moss, flowers, etc., were — quite a few of the group got ALL the items correct!

Beginner Naturalists hard at work!

Beginner Naturalists hard at work!

After that great warm-up, the kids turned their creativity loose to make their own garden flags.  They used burlap, yarn, multi-colored burlap leaf shapes, seeds, and markers to create one-of a kind designs like these:

Kids Flags

We rounded out the meeting with some classic fall games, like pumpkin golf, bat toss and apple fishing.  All in all, a fantastic way to spend a fall Saturday!

Kids Grow Apple Fishing

Please Note: We held two meetings for this Grow Club event because the first one filled so quickly — we may have to start making that a given as this has happened all year long for us!  It’s great to have so many kids and families interested in nature and what we can share with them about growing and caring for plants.  The Kids Grow Club has been a Van Putte Gardens tradition for over 20 years.  The club is free for kids ages 5-12, so if you know a child that would like to join the Grow Club and receive the meeting invitations, please click here to fill out our easy online membership form!

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