Bonide Chipmunk, Squirrel, and Rodent Repellent RTS Hose 32OZ

Item Number: 10084


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  • Bonide Chipmunk, Squirrel & Rodent Repellent naturally repels animals from your yard and garden with natural ingredients that will not cause harm to the animals. Essential oils produce a strong taste and smell that are natural irritants to critters, deterring them from your outdoor space.
  • This product is intended only for outdoor use. Use as a perimeter defense to keep rodents out of your home, garage, and more. Especially great for use on or around birdfeeders.
  • When used as directed, this product is people and pet safe! Use around your lawn and garden without fear. Chipmunk, Rodent & Squirrel Repellent is biodegradable and will not harm flowers, grass or other desirable plants. Do not spray directly onto crops intended for human consumption.
  • This product arrives conveniently ready to spray! To use, simply attach the bottle to a garden hose and spray directly onto affected areas around your yard.
  • Animal repellent provides long lasting results when used as directed. Keeps animals away for up to 30 days after application.