Vegetables & Herbs

Vegetables & Herbs

The best tasting produce is out your back door

There is nothing that says “summer!” quite like the taste of homegrown vegetables. And the sense of satisfaction that comes from expending your own efforts in the vegetable garden will make those sweet cherry tomatoes even sweeter! Vegetable gardening can be as easy or complex as you want, from one tomato plant and a couple of herbs in a porch container, to an acre or more of corn, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers, raspberries, peppers, and lettuce growing in your backyard.

If you’re new to vegetable gardening, Van Putte Gardens is a great place to give it a try; our Green Thumbs love a fresh meal straight out of the garden and will help you choose the best plants for your tastes, available time, and garden set-up, whether that’s in the ground, a raised bed, or containers. If you’re a more experienced gardener (or just really gung-ho!), we’d love to talk with you further about different gardening techniques like organic gardening, city/apartment gardening, and mixing veggie plants and herbs with flowers.

Vegetable gardening is particularly satisfying when done with kids and grandkids – they absolutely love seeing the daily changes in vegetable plants, and harvesting becomes a real event with little ones! We grow all our own vegetable plants from seed here at Van Putte’s, meaning you’ll get especially healthy and well-cared-for seedlings to start your garden. Or, pick up a bag of organic potting soil and choose from our wide variety of garden seeds to start your own! There is very little cost involved to give it a try and the new healthy habits you create will be a benefit for the whole family, so stop in and check out which veggies and herbs are in season now!

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