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One thing that separates a Master Gardener from all others when it comes to maintaining healthy landscape beds; proper watering! More questions arise about watering than any other concern. Follow these tips and you’ll be in the league of Master Gardeners.

Emulate Nature when you water.

Provide enough water to penetrate the rootzone. It’s important to remember that roots need oxygen too; allow soil to partially dry to breath in-between applications.  Plants tolerate going dry much better than sitting in soggy soil. 

  1. How Much Water?

Established plants need an inch per week. This means a densely planted 3’ X 33’ garden bed will require a minimum of 62 gallons each week during the growing season. A hose and watering wand that deliver 3 gallons per minute should take about 20 minutes.  Lawn areas also require an inch or more. Set an empty pie plate out as a gauge and using a sprinkler, water the area until the pie plate is ½ full. This is best done two or three times a week. If Mother Nature provides rainfall then that amount should be subtracted from the weekly total.

  • How Often?

Generally, one application per week should do the trick. However, just like us, higher temperatures make plants extra thirsty. Two applications during hot weather will help plants stay cool and hydrated. Larger, lusher plants with more leaf area will require more water than smaller ones. You’ll have to be more generous with each watering to make up the difference, but allow soils to breath in between.

  • How Deep?

Apply enough to penetrate the entire rootzone, 4 inches for lawns, 6 to 8 for shrubs, and 12 to 16 for trees. Sandy soils allow water to percolate quickly and deeply whereas clay soils tend to resist water penetration. You may have to come back and water again to assure you have watered sufficiently to achieve the depth you’re looking for. 

Our green thumb staff is here seven days a week to answer your questions and provide lawn & garden solutions. 

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