Natria Neem Oil Concentrate 24OZ

Item Number: 16024


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  • For use on roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruits, nuts and vegetables and home lawns.
  • Controls disease, including turf diseases
  • Controls spider mites, aphids and whiteflies
  • Can be used up to day of harvest


  • Fungicide Use: As a preventative, apply on a 7 to 14 day schedule until disease development is no longer present.
  • Fungicide Use: To control disease, apply on a 7 day schedule until disease pressure is eliminated. Then continue spraying on a 14 day schedule to prevent the disease from reoccurring.
  • Fungicide Use: To prevent rust leaf spot diseases, anthracnose and scab, begin applications at the first sign of spring budding
  • Fungicide Use: To prevent powdery mildew, apply in mid-summer or when disease is first detected. Continue applications until disease pressure no longer exists.
  • Insecticide Use: Apply this product at first sign of insects/mites.
  • Insecticide Use: For control of aphids, spider mites, scale, whiteflies, beetles and leafrollers. This product is most effective when applied every 7 to 14 days. For heavy insect populations, spray on a 7-day schedule.