Sedum is Seriously Cool Stuff


So… sedum.  What is it?  It’s this:

sedum 1

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And this:

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And this…

sedum 3

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One more for good measure:

sedum 4

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Basically, it’s an overarching term for members a very large and hardy group of succulents.  They have water-storing leaves, which makes them a perfect choice for water gardens, rock gardens and super dry areas.  If you’ll recall from our past post on the Civic Center Parking Garage green roof, sedum is also an awesome option for rooftops, even at home!  Sedum: natural insulation 🙂


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Sedum is also perfect for xeriscaping, which is just a fun way to say gardening for areas without a lot of water (use sedum in compacted soil or full sun areas too).

sedum rock garden

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As we head into the busiest weekend of the year, Judy in our Perennials division was inspired to repurpose a broken birdbath top.  If you want to recreate this look, a broken unsealed clay birdbath is perfect since the crack will allow for even better drainage.  And of course we’d like to wish a happy Memorial Day to all our troops and their families, past and present.  We hope you’ll get to spend this weekend with your family, and if it’s in the garden being creative, so much the better!


Sedum garden by Judy, featuring Ice Plant, Hens and Chickens and Mezoo!

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