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Chances are good that Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs have overwintered somewhere in your house and you’re just starting to see them. They may be your attic, basement, closets, or crawl spaces, almost any place they can hide where it’s dark and cool.  This nuisance pest originated in Asia and was unintentionally introduced into Pennsylvania in the 1990s. They have spread across the Eastern United States and have established a firm foothold here in western New York. They have no natural predators here; however, several tiny parasitizing wasps from Asia are being introduced here in hopes of eventually controlling their populations naturally.

Though they really don’t pose any threat to you or your pets, their presence is generally looked upon with disgust; squashing or vacuuming them is not a good idea because they do emit a pungent odor. They feed upon ornamental plants around our homes as well as a wide range of agricultural crops posing a major threat to farmers.

Prevention is the best cure; seal openings, repairing screens, and utilizing “Home Pest Control” barrier sprays across windowsills and door thresholds will help keep them out!

Indoor light traps designed specifically to attract and capture them can be helpful once they’ve found their way into your home in the autumn. Placement in areas like the attic or crawl spaces can be quite effective.

Within the next couple of weeks, they’ll become active once again. The best way to reduce their numbers is by putting out pheromone attractant traps in the spring prior to and during their mating season. Females can lay several hundred eggs. These traps can be very effective in reducing their numbers by eliminating Stink Bugs before they can reproduce.

Early spraying of ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetable plants will help prevent damage before it occurs. We carry several insecticides that are effective against Stink Bugs, one of which is a natural organic. Several applications will be necessary to cover their active mating and feeding season.

Have more questions? Our Green Thumb staff has you covered. We are open seven days a week and can match you up with the best product for your needs.

Written by Rick Stecher, Garden Center Manager

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