Moonlight Garden 2

Add Some Glow to Your Garden


We’ve had quite the string of gorgeous summer days so far this year, but the nights have also been pretty delightful.  Listening to tree frogs and chirping insects is a distinctly summer evening sound, and where better to enjoy it than in a moonlight garden?  Creating such a garden means you’ll always have a relaxing spot for end-of-the-day unwinding, and a perfect place for evening parties.  As you plant and grow your moonlight garden, consider:

Moonlight Garden 2


Use silvers, grays, & whites to catch and reflect back the moonlight.  Try planting silver mound, lamb’s ear and other white varieties of your favorite flowers, as well as incorporating water features, glass garden ornaments, mosaic tiles and white or light-colored garden furniture.  Including some tiny white holiday lights or candles will add to the magic!


Consider planting your moonlight garden in a shape reminiscent of the moon — intersecting circles and crescents often fit into little nooks and corners of an already established garden bed.


Choose plants with particularly lovely evening fragrances.  White shrub roses, evening primrose, night-blooming jasmine, phlox, night-blooming daylilies and lavender all have lovely evening scents, and have white or light-colored flowers/foliage to reflect the moonlight.  Planting white spring bulbs like white crocus, tulips and narcissus will extend your garden’s season into the early spring.

If you have any questions about extending your garden’s beauty from day into night, stop by and ask!  We are open 7 days a week throughout the year because it’s not just what we grow, it’s what we know!

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