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  • Pizza Garden Square

    Grow a Pizza (Garden)!


    Getting kids involved in gardening has so many benefits — spending time outdoors improves their health, they become more curious and excited to learn about plants, insects, and animals, and are much more likely to eat vegetables if they help grow them themselves! It can be hard to get anyone, kid or adult, interested […]

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  • Kids Grow 2

    Fun Fall Day with the Kids Grow Club!


    We had a fantastic Saturday with our Van Putte Gardens Kids Grow Club this past weekend! The mini-Green Thumbs didn’t let a little rain stop them as they filled our market greenhouse with smiles, laughter and plenty of “beginner naturalist” knowledge.  They started out the […]

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  • File 175483 0 Bird Feeder   Final

    DIY Bird Feeder


    When the winter blahs hit and your kids are bouncing off the walls, use this fun craft as a great opportunity to chill out and focus on nature!  Birds fascinate young and old alike, and this DIY bird feeder will bring your garden’s feathered friends up close […]

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